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Over 30 Years Energy Services Experience

PetraCat was founded in 2012 and consists of engineering professionals with over 30+ years of extensive experience in Stimulation (hydraulic fracturing) and Pressure Transient Analysis addressing completion and surveillance needs in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs in the USA and around the world.

PetraCat is comprised of individuals who have worked for both large and small organizations in an array of technical engineering positions. For PetraCat professionals, customer satisfaction is paramount and we strive to always provide quality service and exceed customer expectations. 

Why you should work with PetraCat?

•    Rapid Response - Our customers receive immediate correspondence as well as same-day shipment and analysis report turnaround.
•    Experienced – PetraCat engineers have over 30+ years of experience in Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA), stimulation (fracturing), and well testing operations.
•    High Ethical Standards & Integrity – It is our goal to always keep our customers’ best interests in mind and guide them to sound decisions that we would make if we were in their shoes.

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