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Disposal or Injection Well Monitoring - Pressure & Rate


Portable pressure & rate monitoring

PetraCat Energy Services has developed and offered to the Oilfield industry a temporary solution for monitoring your disposal well for injection pressure(s) and rates.  Our system has the capability to monitor multiple processes, for example a casing pressure, tubing injection pressure and the injection rate while also offering our turbine meter as an optional part of the package.  

The system is extremely portable and you can be set up and running in about 30 minutes set up time.  The system can be installed by our professional service tech's or shipped directly to you for self-installations with complete installation instructions.  Real-time data can be viewed locally via Wifi on your laptop or thru a password protected web portal while the data is being stored to an on-board memory card.  Data can also be captured at high frequency rates or slowed down to suit your specific requirements.

 In addition to the ease of installation and portability of this system...this system's most attractive feature is its low cost!  So if you, or any regulatory entities, require the capture of pressure and rate information on your disposal wells..give us a call or send us an email.  We're happy to assist your needs!

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