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Frac Pressure Monitoring

By Rod Kelly – PetraCat Energy Services | Thu, 21 Aug 2014

The fracture stimulation process is accomplished by pumping fluid into the reservoir at high rate and pressure until the reservoir rock fractures. By monitoring the wellhead pressure during the pumping process, the pressure at which fracturing occurs can be seen. PetraCat's system can monitor the fracturing process at wellhead pressures up to and beyond 20,000 psi. The gauge is unaffected by the pulsations of high-pressure, multi-stage pumps and the proppants included in the frac fluids. In addition, the gauge can remain on the well long after the frac equipment has been de-mobilize and the frac completed.

A customer recently asked PetraCat to independently monitor frac injection pressures during the stage fracing operations undertaken by their designated Stimulation service provider.  The operator was concerned that frac design pressures were not being achieved as per their original program.

Installing our Quartz Surface Pressure gauge on the casing valve during frac operations is a relatively inexpensive and cost effective method to monitor and verify pressures during the stage fracing process.

Please contact us for additional information about this and other pressure data gathering services we offer.

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