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Surface Pressure Gauges & Wireless Communications

Surface Pressure Gauges

Quartzdyne dual quartz transducer with LCD readout for verification of functionality, start-up at wellsite, data lock mechanism to ensure no unauthorized downloading of recorded data sets. 

Gauge connects directly the needle valve and not via small capillary tubing systems which can be leak prone and subject to freezing and ambient temperature cycling issues.

Wireless Pressure Monitoring

Learn of the impact of interference resulting from fracture stimulation occurring in nearby offset producers.  Frac interference tests can be run during the fracture jobs revealing the occurrence of interference from these offset wells.  Our rental system allows for wireless collection of pressure data from multiple points to the frac site where options are available to view it real time or collect it for later use.  This system utilizes RF signals and works within a mile radius assuming line of sight.   Data can be captured remotely via cell and satellite connections.

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