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 PetraCat Wireless DFIT  (Pre-Frac, Injection Fall-off)
By R. Kelly, October 9, 2015
SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS & ADVANTAGES Risk free and cost effective pressure transient test in unconventional shales DFIT tests are done in ...

 Technical Selling in the 21st Century Oilfield
By R. Kelly, February 18, 2015
In my previous role as VP of Sales & Marketing and my present role as Owner and President of a company specializing in pressure transient ...

 Help!  The Sky (Oil) is Falling!
By R. Kelly, February 18, 2015
Doom and gloom has been the pervasive tone here of late in nearly all media coverage of the current state of oil prices. All that is being said ...

 Mitigating Freezing Problems During Winter Surface Measurement Testing
By R. Kelly, January 22, 2015
In winter months, performing DFIT or pre-frac, injection fall-off testing using surface measurements can present challenges attributed to below ...

 Summary of Publication - Searching for the Optimal Well Spacing in the Eagle Ford Shale: A Practical Toolkit
January 12, 2015
Summary of publication: URTeC 1581750, "Searching for the Optimal Well Spacing in the Eagle Ford Shale:  A Practical ...

 C12 Spotlight: Rod Kelly of PetraCat Energy Services
By Source: C12 Group of Houston, October 30, 2014
PetraCat CEO Rod Kelly was featured in the C12 Group of Houston member spotlight this month.  Read about Rod's beginnings and how Rod ...

 Momentum builds for Australia's unconventional plays - E&P Mag, October 2014
By Scott Weeden, Senior Editor, Drilling, October 17, 2014
The Cooper Basin in South Australia and Queensland and the Surat/Bowen Basin in Queensland are seeing unprecedented levels of spending to ...

 Surveillance and optimization:  critical to CO2 flooding - E & P Mag, October 2014
By Steve Melzer, Ron Wackowski, October 15, 2014
Knowledge about how to optimize a CO 2 EOR project has grown dramatically in recent years as the number of active CO 2 EOR floods worldwide has ...

 North American lessons in unconventionals apply worldwide - E & P Mag, October 2014 Issue
By Scott Weeden, Senior Editor, Drilling, October 13, 2014
Operators in Argentina, Poland, China and Australia face the same types of challenges that North America has met over the past eight years in ...

 Using Surface Pressures for Pressure Transient Testing in Shale Gas and/or Gas Condensate Producers via Pressure build-ups and multi-rate tests or Surface Pressure Transient Testing (SPTT)
By R. Kelly, October 6, 2014
Surface Pressure Transient Testing (SPTT) was developed several years ago to capture high resolution/high frequency surface pressure for use in ...

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