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 Surface Pressure Transient Testing (SPTT) - Historical Pressure data
By R. Kelly, June 3, 2014
PetraCat not only provides the hardware to capture high frequency / high resolution pressure data for various types of pressure transient tests ...

 PetraCat Injection Testing Package
By Rod Kelly – PetraCat Energy Services, March 21, 2014
Our Injection testing package, consisting of a quartz surface pressure gauge, magnetic pickup system that connects the gauge to a turbine meter ...

 Wireless DFIT Remote Monitoring
By Rod Kelly – PetraCat Energy Services, March 19, 2014
Our Frac interference monitoring system has proven to be a relatively inexpensive alternative to those operators wishing to have a permanent ...

 Frac Interference Monitoring
By Rod Kelly – PetraCat Energy Services, March 15, 2014
PetraCat has recently introduced our wireless Frac Interference monitoring system for the wireless transmission of offset WH Pressure data to ...

 Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing (DFIT) in Unconventional reservoirs
By Rod Kelly – PetraCat Energy Services & Jean Beriault – WTA Services, March 4, 2014
The DFIT test has become the primary transient test for the ultra-low permeability shales being developed in the USA today.  The DFIT goes ...

 After-Closure Analysis Is Effective Way To Determine Reservoir Permeability
By Jeremy Viscomi - PTTC, June 6, 2013
As I make my way around the country, working with industry and attending various conferences, workshops, and technical sessions, I have begun ...

 The Death of Peak Oil
By EconBrowser, April 7, 2013
The death of peak oil "Peak oil is dead," Rob Wile declared last week. Colin Sullivan says it has "gone the way of the Flat Earth ...

 Time to look for unconventional gas in the Middle East
By Rigzone, March 18, 2013
The most worrying problem of all in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is also the most ironic. In a region with an estimated ...

 The Blessing that is the EagleFord Shale
By Forbes, March 15, 2013
   If you have wondered why the Texas economy has out-performed the rest of t he country in recent years, you need look no further ...

 In Great Plains, if you drill it they will come
By CS Monitor, March 15, 2013
The Great Plains are back. Written off a decade ago as a population drain – with some counties losing so many people that they were back to ...

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