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How PetraCat does it:

Highest Quality Equipment.

We strongly believe that any pressure data set, with the purpose of being analyzed via derivative or logarithmic analysis methods (PTA), should only be performed when the data has been captured by a resonant quartz transducer as they provide the highest quality and most stable data set under the widest range of wellbore and ambient conditions.  In our commitment to the highest quality data acquisition we recommend and only use resonant quartz transducers in our gauges for PTA applications, ensuring the best possible analysis that yielding the best possible results.

Quick, like a Cat.

Quick response is a cornerstone of our business philosophy and it is our objective to respond to inquiries quickly and deliver quality service in a straightforward and efficient manner.  PetraCat offers same day shipping to accommodate tight schedules or we can provide field service for installation, data retrieval, and equipment removal if needed.  Our customers can always expect timely correspondence and quick turnaround time for data extrapolation and analysis.

With Ethical Standards.

Here at PetraCat truth, respect, and dignity are not merely words on a wall but rather core values ingrained into the fabric of our company.  We believe that successful relationships are built upon the foundation of these values. Our aim is to operate with high ethical standards at the forefront of our business interactions.  Quality service and customer satisfaction is what we strive for, exceeding the expectations of our customers and vendors so they are happy to come back time and time again.

Delivering Value.

PetraCat services offer optimal methods to evaluate your wellbore and reservoir, providing exceptional value to our customers. PetraCat's methods optimize frac treatment schedules and provide key formation characteristics with pre-frac or DFIT testing.  Our Frac Interference Monitoring service is a low cost service that helps operators understand wellbore interference issues on a stage by stage basis for well spacing and future production troubleshooting concerns.

In conventional reservoir applications, performing conventional pressure transient testing services, pressure build-up, and multi-rate flow  from surface measurements in self-unloading gas or gas condensate producers is one of the best ways to deliver value to the customer.  These methods eliminate all of the RISK and significantly reduce the COST from running wire and gauges downhole. 


PetraCat is a non-affiliated and independent company and provides non-biased professional services and specialized equipment to our customers in a straightforward manner.


PetraCat provides specialized expertise in the capturing, processing, and analysis of pressure data.  Our people focus their efforts and expertise on this directive ensuring the highest quality in skill and service.

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