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Working globally. Anywhere. Anytime.


In the 21st century the global oilfield is a small place. Oceans and borders are crossed with the click of a button via the internet as communications and data transmissions circumvent the globe in real time. Today’s international trade and commerce has given businesses of every size and niche a global presence, expanding the availability of various goods and services to virtually any location.  

PetraCat is a global company providing a method of data collection and analysis that is fast, accurate, cost effective, and risk free.  Our gauges ship via express services to the vast majority of countries with an estimated delivery of five days or less and our customers receive quality service and ongoing support.

We at PetraCat encourage you to take this opportunity to leverage the power of new technology to transcend the limitations set by local market options and implement new methods and adaptations that better suit your needs.  

PetraCat's fundamental reason to be in business is a continuous striving to SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS!  We aim to achieve that by lowering their transaction costs and to deliver a service above and beyond their expectations.  We're always looking for customer feedback on how we are performing so drop us a line and let us know how we're doing!  If you're not satisfied we want to know how we can make it right for you.

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