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PetraCat™ Energy Services, LLC appointed as re-seller by Probe Holdings, Inc.

Sun, 10 Oct 2021

Now an authorized dealer of all Probe Holdings equipment.

PetraCat™ Energy Services, LLC has recently struck an agreement with Probe Holdings, Inc. to be an authorized re-seller of their full line of equipment. Being a re-seller means that PetraCat has access to preferred pricing for both rental and sales equipment thru Probe anywhere in the world.

PetraCat™ has principally focused on the rental of the AKS DataTrap Quartz Surface Pressure gauge for the capture of pre-frac, injection fall-off or DFIT tests that are primarily performed in low perm, unconventional reservoirs and for the capture of pressure data associated with Pressure Build-ups (PBU’s) and multi-rate flow tests in conjunction with conventional reservoirs around the world. The opportunity to work with and promote Probe’s product

Probe specializes in manufacturing data acquisition equipment that is conveyed downhole by conductor wire, non-conductive wire & tubing or drill pipe and data acquisition equipment that captures pressure and other measurements at the wellhead for a variety of transient testing and process control applications.

The Probe manufactured lines of equipment are as follows:

  1. Open Hole Logging
  2. Cased Hole Logging
  3. Perforating Tools
  4. Production Logging
  5. Permanent Downhole Pressure Monitoring
  6. Pressure Gauges (Surface & Downhole)
  7. Specialty Tools
  8. HPHT & GeoThermal Tools
  9. Wireless Data Acquisition & Portable SCADA Systems

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