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PetraCat Wireless DFIT (Pre-Frac, Injection Fall-off)

By R. Kelly | Fri, 9 Oct 2015



  • Risk free and cost effective pressure transient test in unconventional shales

  • DFIT tests are done in low permeability reservoirs and provide data to determine ISIP, closing pressure, and net pressure, as well as identify leak-off type

  • Frac calibration and reservoir parameters obtained

  • Record / Real Time Viewing / Download pressure/injection rate/pumped volume on one or more laptops via wifi connection

  • Eliminates needs for pumping company data van when pumping DFITs

  • Additional ability to monitor pressures in offset well(s)


The DFIT test has become the primary transient test for the ultra-low permeability shales being developed in the USA today. Multiple direct comparison runs with downhole gauges have confirmed that the DFIT test can be performed using a high quality surface measurement system.  This alternative not only produces equally accurate data but is also significantly lower in cost and risk-free.

PetraCat provides an economical method for capturing DFIT data with no disruption of production.  The instrumentation to capture DFIT data consists of a high quality quartz surface gauge capable of capturing 1 second sample intervals and a resolution of 0.01 psi.  In the PetraCat system, the gauge is connected directly to the needle valve rather than thru a long 1/16” capillary tubing system as some other systems do. This avoids further ambient temperature distortions in the late time pressure response.

A further step to provide a complete data set is an option to capture injection rate and injected volume on the gauge memory card in conjunction with pressure and temperature. Having the injection/volume data to plot directly against the pressure provides good insight and a quality control measure of the pump-in operation.   The pump-in can be viewed from multiple (laptop, tablet, and mobile) devices via wifi connection. This can further eliminate the cost of a having a pumping company’s data van at the wellsite.

This complete equipment package can be sent out via Fed-Ex for self-installation or PetraCat field operators can install and oversee the pump in and fall-off, whichever the operator prefers.


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