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PetraCat Wireless Fracked Well and Offset Well Interference Monitoring System



  • Independent injection pressure/rate/volume monitoring of your well during fracture stimulation.
  • Monitor for Frac Interference on offset wells.
  • Record, access real time viewing, and download pressure, injection rate, and pumped volume on one or more laptops via wifi connection.
  • Sensors (pressure and turbine meter magnetic pickup) communicate with the pressure gauge via RF signal. The data is accessed wirelessly during the pumping process from any laptop within a 300 radius of the wellhead.
  • Gauge and sensors run on internal power for months of data gathering.


The PetraCat system has the capability to monitor wellhead injection pressure along with rate and pumped cumulative volume of your frac slurry during your frac operations. The PetraCat wireless system can also receive data from WHP sensors placed on multiple offset wells (up to 10) for the purpose of interference monitoring of your offset producers.

Because all data is being recorded on one gauge, the data captured is recorded into one comprehensive data file. This system provides the operator with an independent verification of injection pressures with rates/volumes of individual fracked stages while providing the additional option of monitoring offset wells for interference.

This complete equipment package can be sent out via Fed-Ex for self-installation or PetraCat field operators can perform the installation.



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