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Pressure Monitoring in temporary P&A'd

By R. Kelly | Wed, 2 Jul 2014

A customer has recently requested the use of our wireless WH pressure monitoring system for monitoring pressure on well(s) that were completed, flowed back and produced for several months before being T & A (Temporary Abandoned) while their Drilling rig moved back on location to drill out the remaining wells on the pad.  

Given the close proximity of these T & A wells to the drilling activities it was determined that it was important to be able to observe any pressure build-up (at any time) which would indicate a leaking bridge plug or that it had "given way" which could result in a potential HSE hazard.  These wells are substantially over-pressured with significant WH pressure when shut-in and thus the ability to recognize any leak quickly, in order to take remedial action, was of the highest importance.

The system captures WH pressure and delivers it wirelessly to a base logger which can be located virtually anywhere on the wellsite, such as, the company man trailer or directly into the Driller's Pason system, whichever is preferable for the operator.

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