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Pressure Gauges, Pressure Data Processing and Analysis

Providing quartz quality pressure gauges, pressure data processing, and analysis in high to nano- permeability reservoirs around the Globe.

PetraCat recommends and suggests the use of only Quartz Pressure gauges (Surface or Downhole) when the data is to be used for any type of transient analysis. Quartz pressure gauges not only provide better resolution but can often sample more frequently than lesser quality pressure gauges.  Additionally, the data set is typically much more stable due to their ability to handle pressure and temperature changes.

Here are a few services PetraCat offers:

  1. Rental: Rental of Surface or DH Quartz pressure gauges shipped directly to you via FedEx

  2. Data Processing: Data processing, conversion of WHP to BHP, and analysis of supplied Surface or DH Gauge pressure data

  3. Historical Data Analysis: Data processing and analysis of historically acquired SCADA or Permanent Downhole gauge systems.

  4. Installation: Ability to install equipment via Field Operators in several areas of the USA.

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