Turbine Meter Flow / Volume Capture Options

Turbine Meter Flow Kit Installed on Gauge  image
Turbine Meter Flow Kit Installed on Gauge
This photo shows the Turbine meter flow kit installed on the Gauge. The installation is typically done in the shop and comes to the wellsite as one unit with appropriate cabling length.
Turbine Meter - Magnetic Pickup  image
Turbine Meter - Magnetic Pickup
This photo shows the installed turbine meter for measurement of rate/volume during the injection period. We supply a dual - splitter cable that will connect back to the flow kit installed on the pressure gauge and one for the operator of the pumping equipment, if desired
Turbine Meter  image
Turbine Meter

PetraCat now offers our own Turbine Meters.  They are 2" Turbine Meters designed for flow rates from 1 - 9 BPM with 1502 WECO end connections.  These meters are offered as a DFIT Package in conjunction with our Quartz Surface Pressure gauge, Turbine Meter Flow Kit (captures Rate/Volumes from meter to gauge), DFIT analysis and Field installation.

 Many of our customers have told us of their difficulty in procuring a small turbine meter that functioned properly and was in good working order.  Having repeatedly heard this, we decided to procure our own meters in order to maintain quality control over their use, fluid and volume pumped thru them.

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Turbine Meter Flow / Volume Capture Options, DFIT, Frac Monitoring, Surface Pressure Transient Testing

The Turbine Meter Flow kit (TMFK) combined with the Turbine Meter offers options for collecting accurate injection rates and cumulative volumes for the DFIT application via the direct connection from our Surface Quartz gauge to the turbine meter.

We are seeing greater number of opportunities for this application as it provides:

  • Recording of pressure and rate data on one file (no file manipulation or transferring of rate data necessary).
  • Many test pumps sent to pump these low volume/low rate jobs do not have a sufficient level of instrumentation sophistication to capture this data.  Recording it on the gauge solves this problem and provides greater insight into the pumping of the job by seeing injection rate graphed in conjunction with pressure.

We offer the turbine meter in response to customer requests to provide a trustworthy measurement device that is properly maintained (disassembled and reviewed for wear/broken blades, bushings or shaft after each job) and produces accurate rate/volume information.

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