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Providing Turnkey Solutions for the Capture of Surface & Downhole Pressure Transient Tests

PetraCat provides quartz resonant pressure gauges to capture pressure data with subsequent data processing and analysis via our engineering services division.  We ship our equipment via Fed-Ex to the far corners of the world for self-installation but also provide a field service option for those USA domestic onshore operators.



Conventional Reservoirs - (Permeabilities > 0.1 md.)
  • Pressure Build-Ups / Multi-Rate Transient Tests
Our Surface Pressure Transient Testing (SPTT) system offers our clients the RISK-FREE & COST EFFECTIVE alternative to running wire and pressure gauges downhole.  SPTT is applicable for pressure transient testing on gas or gas condensate producers flowing above the critical unloading velocity regardless of liquid yields.

This technology holds great advantages in the following downhole environments:  HTHP,  REMOTE LOCATION, SOUR GAS,  DEEP, HORIZONTAL,  MULTI-LATERAL, OFFSHORE, Etc.
  • Various types of Injection testing
Injection fall-off, two (or more) rate injection test / step rate (to determine formation parting pressure) for secondary, tertiary recovery or pressure maintenance injector wells along with Produced Water (SWD) disposal wells. 
Surrounding wells can be monitored for communication and offer mechanical integrity testing (MIT) as required by state and regulatory agencies.  Step Rate testing to determine formation parting pressures.
Unconventional Reservoirs - (Permeabilities <0.1 md.)
  • Mini-frac or DFIT's (pre-frac, injection fall-off)
Test that captures pressure along with injection rate and cumulative pumped volume whose analysis provides key frac calibration inputs along with important formation characteristics such as permeability and reservoir pressure.
  • Frac Interference Monitoring
Monitoring offset producers for interference during frac operations has become a higher requirement as operators continue well downspacing.
  • Frac Flowback Pressure Data capture with post frac analysis to determine the following:

- Closure pressure on proppant

- Estimated fracture “effective” length as cleanup progresses

- End of fracture cleanup

- Estimate of formation permeability

- Production decline forecast

  • Hi-Resolution / Hi-Accuracy Pressure Data capture of stage fracing operations (independent pressure recording device) allows operator to have independently gathered pressure data set during operations.

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